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January 3, 2002

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Zev and Clara Pervin

Family Tree


Zev (Wolf, William) Pervin (1855 - 4/21/1921) came to this country with his wife Clara Hoffman Pervin (1864 - 12/24/1930) from Berdichev, Russia (currently in Zhytomyr province in the Ukraine) around 1891.  We know very little about how they came to this country or how they came to Pittsburgh.  I can't find them on the Ellis Island web site, perhaps because the records in their online database only go back to 1892.  Dorothy Pervin King (#6-1) remembers the following about them: They may have come from the Port of Hamburg but there's no verification of this.  Clara may have a brother or father named David Hoffman and there may be cousins with the last name of Cooper.  Zev may have had a sister, Rachel Pervin who married Jacob Spear and had at least one child, Annie Spear, possibly of Cleveland, but again we're not sure.  Since Annie is married, we don't know how to trace her.

Zev was naturalized in Pittsburgh, PA in 1903.  Zev and Clara are both burried in Beth Abraham Cemetery there.  They came to Pittsburgh with 3 children and had a total of 7 children:

1. Eva Pervin(b.1885?), came with her parents from Berdichev.  She married Louis Menzer (6/15/1881 - 12/1966, 169-28-1613), also an immigrant, and they are buried in Beth Abraham Cemetery.  Eva and Louis had 3 children:

    1-1. Harry Menzer (1/22/1908 - 6/14/1993, 194-32-7183) who married Leonore Sidler.  They are both buried in Tree of Life Memorial Park.  They had no children.

    1-2. Milton Menzer (2/23/1910 2/1987, 187-22-9295), who married twice.  His first marriage was to Jeanette Kaplan, who's father was a rabbi in Pittsburgh.  They had 2 children and are buried in Beth Abraham Cemetery.  Milton's second marriage was to Harriet ?; they had no children.

        1-2-1. David Menzer (10/5/1940 - 3/1986, 204-30-2691) who never married.  His last residence was in Upper St. Clair, a suburb of Pittsbourgh.

   1-2-2. Michael Menzer, who married and lives on the West Coast.

1-3. Esther Menzer (3/19/1918 - 9/30/2000, 170-01-3190), who married William Zavosnik (Zavos) (2/12/1914 - 12/1980,192-07-7161).  They lived in Monroeville and/or Squirrel Hill, suburbs of Pittsburgh and are buried in Beth Abraham Cemetery.  Esther and William had 2 children:

    1-3-1. Robert (Bobby) Zavos, who married ?, lives in Pittsburgh, and has children.

        1-3-1-1. child ? (b. 1978?)

        1-3-1-2. child?

    1-3-2. Evelyn Zavos, who married ? and has children in Pittsburgh.

        1-3-2-1. child?

        1-3-2-2. child?

2. Rose Pervin (b.1890?), who came with her parents from Berdichev.  She married Victor Klinkenstein, also an immigrant.  There is a story of how she lost her citizenship status when she married Victor and had to regain it at the beginning of World War II in order not be considered an ailien.  Rose and Victor are both buried in Beth Abraham Cemetery and had 2 children:

    2-1. Martin Klinkenstein (possibly 5/2/1913 -5/1969,098-09-3223(NY)), who married? (possibly Eleanor (3/10/1915 - 5/1975,060-16-8789 issued NY before 1951 (23502Norfolk City, VA)) and had no children.  William Pervin does not recall that Martin was ever married, so we're not sure about Martin's information yet.  Martin is buried in Tree of Life Cemetery.

     2-2. William Klinkenstein (10/12/1921 - 4/1964,174-14-2025), who married Marcia Palley (3/28/1922 - 3/1987, 175-12-2039 (33140 Miami Dade, FL)).  They lived in Pittsburgh, then moved to the East Coast, where William died.  William and Marcia had 1 son:

                  2-2-1. William Klinkenstein, Jr.

3. Sam Pervin, who came with his parents from Berdichev when he was about 2 years old.  He was crippled and we think he was only let in to the country because his parents must have carried him so they couldn't tell that he was crippled.  Sam never married and died in the flu pandemic of 1917-1919 in Pittsburgh.  He is buried in Beth Abraham cemetery in Pittsburgh.

4. Sarah Pervin (poss 4/18/1900 - 9/15/1973,176-40-7106 (15601 Greensburg)), who married John Barclay from Pittsburgh.  They had 1 son:

    4-1. John (Jackie) Barclay, Jr. (b. 1930-1935?), who married ? and lived in the New York area.  He came to Pittsburgh for his mother's funeral, but may be dead now.

5. Jennie Pervin, who married Avery Lighter (9/17/1897 - 4/1973, 167-09-8805), a streetcar conductor from Pittsburgh.  Jenny is buried in Beth Abraham Cemetery.  They had no children.

 6. Abraham Pervin (10/27/1896 - 4/1/1986, 192-05-0211 (birthdate on SSDI is 10/18/1896), who married Stella Greenberger (12/7/1896 - 12/4/1980, 203-28-6087).  Stella's parents were Isaac Greenberger and Dora Hershkovitz from Carnegie, PA, a suburb of Pittsburgh.  When Isaac first arrived in Pittsburgh, he rolled cigars for a living.  This was traditional first job.  He subsequently had a bar in McKees Rocks, a suburb of Pittsburgh.  Dorothy King (below) has their family information.  Abe was an attorney.  Abe and Stella are buried in Tree of Life Memorial Park and had 2 children:

    6-1. Dorothy Pervin (b. 11/3/1925) (, 412-241-3632, 2337 Marbury Rd. Pittsburgh, PA 15221), who married Robert King (b. 8/18/1918).  They live in Pittsburgh and have 2 children:

        6-1-1. David King (b. 10/22/1950), who married Judy Smith from Texas.  Judy was born in Japan because her father was an air force pilot.  David and Judy live in Austin, TX and have one child:

            6-1-1-1. Stephen Smith King (b.1/27/1990), who was born in Austin, TX..

        6-1-2. Richard King (b. 8/11/1952), who married Susan Briskin from Reading, PA.  They have no children.

6-2. William (Zev) Pervin (b. 10/31/1930) (, who married twice and lives in Dallas.  First he married Gilda Fuss (b. 12/3/31933) from Pittsburgh.  Her father was an attorney and her sister was Miriam Chizeck of Pittsburgh.  William and Gilda had 3 children.  His second marriage was to Susan Chizeck (b. 4/14/1947), niece of the same Miriam Chizeck.  They have one child together.  William is a Professor of Electrical Engineering, Computer Science & Mathematics at the University of Texas at Dallas.

   6-2-1. Edward Charles Pervin (b. 3/20/1958), who married Martha Worchester.  They live in Orlando, FL and have no children.

   6-2-2. James Herbert Pervin (b. 12/16/1959), who is unmarried and lives in New York City, NY.

   6-2-3. Sharon Rachel Pervin (b. 1/7/1962), who is unmarried and lives in Austin, TX.

        6-2-4. Hannah Esther Pervin (b. 6/3/1989), who is the daughter of William and Susan.

  7. Lillian (Libby) Pervin(1902 - 8/26/1976?), who married Henry Jacobson (2/2/1898 - 8/16/1975, 190-05-9858 (birth date on SSDI is 2/2/1899)).  Henry and Libby lived and died in Pittsburgh.  (Libby is buried in Beth Abraham Cemetery and Henry was cremated)  Henry was an only child of Eva ? (d.1973) and ? Jacobson.  All we know about Eva's husband is that he died before Henry was born.  Eva was an immigrant, but we don't know from where.  We hear that there may be family of hers in Detroit, MI.  When Eva's grandson Jeff (#7-1-1) was an adolescent, he rembers having this conversation with his grandmother : "I told her about the astronauts landing on the moon and her first reaction was "It's not good to poke holes in the sky." When I insisted that they actuary played golf up there she said, "So tell me, the moon, it sent for them?" Libby and Henry had 2 daughters:

    7-1. Irene (Rene) Jacobson (, who married twice.  Her first marriage was to Donald Thompson and they had one son.  Her second marriage was to James Moore and they have no children.  Rene and Jim live in Los Angeles, CA.

        7-1-1. Jeff Thompson (, who married Joey Thomas (818-992-     0837, 22283 Buenaventura Street, Woodland Hills, CA 91364).  Joey's mother's maiden name is Blair (from Scotland).  Jeff and Joey live out West and have no children.

    7-2. Beatrice Ruth (Skippy) Jacobson (4/2/1926 - 3/31/1988), who married Milton George (Buz) Scheimer (3/3/1922 - 6/17/1985).  Buz owned Dormont Appliance Store in Pittsburgh, which is now owned by two of his sons.  Skippy and Buz lived in Pittsburgh and had 4 children:

         7-2-1. Alan Jeffrey Scheimer (b. 4/3/1946) (, 412-344-2526, 1132 Folkstone Dr, Pittsburgh, PA 15243), who married Deborah Sufrin (b. 11/1/1958) ( on 3/12/1983.  Alan is an attorney, practiced law for a number of years and then went into his dad's family business with his brother Craig at Dormont Appliance.  Deb is a computer programmer who is currently working for Alltel Information Services.  Al and Deb belong to Beth El Congregation of the South Hills in Pittsburgh and have 3 children:

               7-2-1-1. Michael Jacob Scheimer (b. 12/24/1986).

     7-2-1-2. David Henry Scheimer (b. 5/12/1988).

     7-2-1-3. Robin Beth Scheimer (b. 9/23/1989).

7-2-2. Marshall (Craig) Scheimer (b. 4/21/1949) (412-344-5105, 836 Country Club Dr, Pittsburgh, PA 15228), who married Penne Lazear (b. 5/20/1956) (  Craig went into his dad's family business, Dormont Appliance, and now owns the business with his brother Alan.  Penne owns a franchise of Culi-Services, a company that provides wait-staff and kitchen staff for banquets and other corporate events.  Craig and Penne belong to Beth El Congregation of the South Hills in Pittsburgh and have 2 children:

     7-2-2-1. Dorey Elizabeth Scheimer (b. 9/19/1989).

7-2-2-2. Zachary Buz Scheimer (b. 11/17/1990).

7-2-3. Gary Stephen Scheimer (b. 11/18/1954) (, 412-563-3915, 2700 Miles Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15216), who married twice.  His first marriage was to Cindy Morgan (b. 8/26/1954) and they had 2 sons.  Cindy is remarried to Donald Hart and lives in Birmingham, MI.  Gary's second marriage is to Dode Flynn (b. 8/1/1953), who is from Pittsburgh and has 2 daughters by a previous marriage.  Gary is a police sergeant in Dormont Borough, a suburb of Pittsburgh.  Dode has worked at AT&T for a number of years.  Gary and Dode live in Pittsburgh.

7-2-3-1. Daniel Morgan Scheimer (b. 1/1/1982).

7-2-3-2. Christopher Dean Scheimer (b. 8/12/1983).

7-2-3-3. Amber Kusturiss (b. 2/16/1979).

7-2-3-4. Lindsay Kusturiss (b. 11/18/1982)

7-2-4. Patti Rose Scheimer (b. 5/21/1957) (, 717-732-5423, 17 Annette Drive, Enola PA 17025), who married Joseph Thomas Bednarik (b. 6/7/1953).  Patti is Disciprinary Counsel for the Disciplinary Board of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court and Joe is a Labor Attorney for the State of Pennsylvania.  They live in Harrisburg and have no children.



 1st Generation

 2nd Generation

  3rd Generation

4th Generation

5th Generations

Zev (Wolf, William) Pervin

1) Eva Pervin

1) Harry Menzer

(                                      )

(                             )

(                                            )

Clara Hoffman Pervin

Louis Menzer

Leonore Sidler

(                                      )

(                             )

(                                             )

2) Milton Menzer

1) David Menzer

(                                             )

(                                            )

Jeanette Kaplan

(                                              )

2) Michael Menzer


(                                            )

(                                              )

3) Esther Menzer

1) Robert Zavos

(d.2001                             )

(                                            )

William Zavosnik(Zavos)

2) Evelyn Zavos

(                                                    )

(                                             )

2) Rose Pervin

1) Martin Klinkenstein

(                                       )

(                                               )

Victor Klinkenstein

( )

2) William Klinkenstein

1) William Klinkenstein,Jr

(                                              )

Marcia Palley

(                                              )

3) Sam Pervin

( )

4) Sarah Pervin

1) John (Jackie) Pervin, Jr

( )

(b. 1930 or 1935 )

John Barclay

( )

5) Jennie Pervin

( )

Avery Lighter

( )

6) Abraham Pervin

1) Dorothy Pervin

1) David King

1) Steven Smith King

(b.10/27/1896- )

(b.11/03/1925 )

(b.10/22/1950 )

Stella Greenberger

Robert King

Judy Smith

(b.12/07/1896- )

(b.8/18/1918 )

( )

2) Richard King

(b.8/11/1952 )

Susan Briskin

( )

2) William(Zev) Pervin

1) Edward Charles Pervin

(b.3/20/1958 )

(b.10/31/1930 )

Martha Worchester

Gilda Fuss

2) James Herbert Pervin



Susan Chizeck

3) Sharon Rachel Pervin

(b.4/14/1947 )


4) Hannah Esther Pervin

(b.6/3/1989 )

7) Libby Pervin

1) Irene(Rene) Jacobson

1) Jeff Thompson

( d.8/26/1976 )

(                         )

(                                  )

Henry Jacobson

Donald Thompson

Joey Thomas

(b.2/21/1898 )

(                         )

(                                  )

James Moore

(                        )

2) Beatrice Ruth(Skippy) Jacobson

1) Alan Jeffrey Scheimer

1) Michael Jacob Scheimer


(b.4/3/1946 )

(b.12/24/1986 )

Milton George(Buz)Scheimer

Deborah Sufrin

2) David Henry Scheimer


(b.11/1/1958 )

(b.5/12/1988 )

3) Robin Beth Scheimer


2) Marshall Craig Scheimer

1) Dorey Elizabeth Scheimer

(b.4/21/1949 )

(b.9/19/1989 )

Penne Lazear

2) Zachary Buz Scheimer

(5/20/1956 )

(b.11/17/1990 )

3) Gary Stephen Scheimer

1) Daniel Morgan Scheimer

(b.11/18/1954 )

(b.1/1/1982 )

Cindy Morgan Hart

2) Christopher Dean Scheimer

(b.8/24/1954 )

(b.8/12/1983 )

Dode Flynn

3) Amber Kusturiss

(b.8/1/1953 )

(b.2/16/1979 )

4) Lindsay Kusturiss

(b.11/18/1982 )

4) Patti Rose Scheimer

(5/21/1957 )

Joseph Thomas Bednarik

(6/7/1953 )