Home Towns in Ukraine

Home Towns in Ukraine:

The capital city, Kiev, is situated at the top of the right hand side of the map.

Many "Pervin" ancestors immigrated from towns near Kiev.

1)  About 70 miles southwest of Kiev, there is Berdichev, the home town of Zev and Clara Pervin. It is also the home town of Samuil Yakolevitch and his family.

2)  Immediately north of Berdichev is the capital city of Zitommir, where Samuil Yakolevitch once lived with his family.

3)  Litin, the town Leib, Schandel, and their children lived before they immigrated to US, lies  about 38 miles south of Berdichev.

4)  Bagrinovchy is listed as the birth place for Leib and his children in the ship manifest of the "Finland".  The town can be found at 10 miles southwest of Litin.

5)  In the "Finland" ship manifest, Schargrod is listed as the birth place for Schandel Pervin. The town is situated about 38 miles south of Litin.