Luba Pervin (Cooper)

(May 3, 1885 - July 27, 1960)


   Ruba Pervin, the first born daughter of Samuil Yakovlevitch immigrated at Pittsburgh, PA with her husband Morris Cooper.  According to the Ellis Island Records, the family name was spelled Kuper at the ship manifest listing as for the final destination of Bertha Pervin, an another daughter of Samuil who arrived at US on April 11, 1913.  Yvsey Pervin a brother of Luba and Bertha kept an old address of Luba in Pittsburgh at 2083 Bentley Drive during 1933-1935.  Dorothy King one of the eldest descendent of the Pittsburgh Pervin remembered the Cooper family for many years.









The First Generation

The Second Generation

The Third Generation

The Forth Generation


 Luba Pervin


 Morris Cooper

 (                      )


 Sophie Cooper


 Harry Berkowitz

 (                             )

 Merna Berkewitz

 (                          )



 Mark"Sandy" Berk

 (                           )

 Marshall"Corky" Berk

 (                                 )

 Martin Cooper


 Jennie Morris



 Susan Cooper

 (                     )


 (                     )


 Michael Mark Cooper


 Ruth Tex

 (                  )




 Diana Weihs


 Bernard Cooper

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