Mrs. Sophia Simco's maiden name is Sophia Pervin.  Her father was Aron Pervin of Montreal, Quebec.  She had 5 brothers, Michael, Harris, Joe, Tim and Hyman.  She is the sole surviver of her generation.  -- S.S




"Aron Pervin came to Canada from Berdechev"


By Sophia (Pervin) Simco


April 7, 2002

Copyright©2002 by Sophia Simco



Aron Pervin came to Canada in 1902 - 03 from Berdechev, then the Ukraine part of Russia.  To come to Canada, he walked to somewhere on the western coast of Europe, where he boarded a ship that brought him to Montreal.


Aron was somewhere in his mid-twenties when he made the journey.  Prior to that he was in the Russian cavalry, which was part of the Russian army, to which he was conscripted. 


He told a tale of being on duty in Siberia during the Passover.  He was billeted with a Jewish family in order to be able to observ Passover.


To be continued ...