Samuel Isaac Baranoff Burns                                                                                                    

     February 22, 2005

           Mazel tov !!!        

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      The Bris for Sammy      


At 1:00 pm on February 13th, a bris, conducted by Rabbi Chanan Feld was held for Samuel Isaac Baranoff Burns. In attendance were the proud parents of Samuel, Liat and Jeremy, his Aunt Dalit and first cousin, Aviva, his maternal grandparents, Etti and Steve and his paternal grandparents, Susan and Frank.  The ceremony was held in the home of Susan’s youngest sister, Shelly and Shelly’s husband Marc, of Palo Alto, California.  A group of sixty friends, relatives and colleagues of the parents were also in attendance to celebrate the event.



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Samuel Isaac Baranoff Burns arrived on February 6, 2005



Liat, wife of Jeremy Burns and daughter of Etti and Steve Baranoff,  gave birth to Samuel Isaac Baranoff Burns, on February 6, 2005.

Liat also celebrated her 30th birthday on the same day.  Jeremy is the son of Susan & Frank Burns and grandson of Seymour & Margie Pervin.

 Sammy weighs 8 lbs, 11-1/2 oz.   



Samuel Isaac Baranoff Burns