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An another Pervin family surnamed "Porvin"has contacted Deborah Scheimer who forwarded the following E-Mail written by Cindy Tobisman.  Cindy's mail is as followed:



From: Cindy Tobisman on 01/07/2002 12:35 PM

To: Deborah Scheimer

Subject: RE: Pervin Family


Yep, my family is the Porvin branch from Detroit. I have forwarded all of

your emails to my dad to see what he can tell me. I know that my great

grandmother (whose name might have been Eva) was killed in her village, but

that her 5 (or 6?) kids made it to NY and met up with Eva's husband (I'll

get back to you with names). They all moved to Detroit.


Then they all moved to LA. My great-aunt, Betty (Betia in Russia) opened a uniform shop

on Pico Ave. (in the Jewish neighborhood). Her sister, Beverly (Basia) was

my grandma. Their other sister, Clara worked at a clothing store. IN

addition to them, I know there were brothers Albert and Sherman. Anyway,

LA is where the majority of the Porvins of Detroit ended up. I'll find out more.