An Article About Contemporary Site of "Scharogrod"

Excerpted below is  a portion of the article entitled "Jewish Heritage Travel in Ukraine: Personal Experiences" written by David A. Chapin.  The article was published in "Dallas Historical Society"


"Another town we visited was Shargorod. This was one of the best preserved towns in all of Podolia that still had 19th century shtetl houses. The entire old Jewish quarter is still intact (though Jews no longer live in this part of town), as well as a synagogue (now a warehouse) built in the 1600's. Walking through this town took me back to the era of my grandparents. Even though they didn't really live in Shargorod, I got the sense of "home". This was truly how the Jews of that generation lived. Shargorod also had a perfectly-preserved Jewish cemetery with graves from the 1500's through 1994. To me, this town was a microcosm of the Jewish essence in Podolia: it was and always will be a significant influence in the cultural life of the community."

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