Aaron Maurice Pervin Graduated from American School in London


 In the land of Camelot, by the south bank of river Thames, the Royal Festival Hall, at the foot of Waterloo Bridge accommodated the American School in London's commencement for the class of 2003on June 23, 2003.

 Among the 87 graduates, there also was Aaron Maurice Pervin, the great-grand-son of Max Pervin of Toledo, Ohio, celebrating his own graduation.

 Aaron attended ASL ever since his mother, Heidi Pervin Yamaguchi was transferred to the United Kingdom by her employer Chevron-Texaco December 2001.  Aaron and Heidi are now on their way back home to Danville, California by July, 2003.

 Aaron has been accepted by Reed College in Portland, Oregon where he will begin his studies as soon as he returns from his senior trip to France, Switzerland, Austria and Germany.