Joseph Pervin


( January 12, 1898 - Dec. , 1982)

 The third son of Leissa and Scheindle Perwak (Leib and Jenny Pervin).  According to his family, he arrived at the United States in 1914 when he was 16 years of age.  His official record of arriving has not yet been discovered.


Joseph taken at their 50th Wedding Anniversary  - He was 77.

Joseph Pervin

 *Name: Joseph Pervin

 *Birth: 1897 @ Europe(Marriage License)

 *Birth: 1898 @ Russia(1920 Census)

 *Date of Immigration: 


   2115 Detroit Ave., Toledo in 1920

    4026 Willys Parkway, Toledo in 1923

 *Name of Spouse: Bertha Rader

   Married on 12/06/1925

   Birth: 1904(Marriage License)

   Name of Father:  Samuel Rader

   Name of Mother: Minnie Cortney

   Date of Death: