Leon Pervin

LEON PERVIN ( Leiber Perwak)

( 1895 - 1982)

The second son of Leib (Yahuda) and Scheindle Perwak( Leib and Jenny Pervin).

According to the United States of America, Declaration of Intention, he reported to the Common Pleas Court of Lucas County of Toledo, Ohio, that he was born in Titus, Russia on January 5, 1898, and married to his wife, Clara on September 1, 1927, at Toledo, Ohio.

Leon Pervin

 *Name: Leon Pervin(1930 Census)

 *Name: Liber Perwak(Ship Manifest)

 *Birth: 1895 @ Bagrinovtsy(Ship Manifest)

 *Birth: 01/10/1896 @ Titus, Russia(Marriage License)

 *Date of Immigration: 09/06/1923


   2016½ N.13th St.,Toledo in 1930

   2131 N.12th St., Toledo in 1932

   2144 Linwood, Toledo in 1951

   219 W.Bancroft, Toledo in 1960

 *Name of Spouse: Clara Rubenstein

   Married on 08/29/1926

   Birth: 09/28/1903 @ Germany

   Birth: 1899 in Lativa

   Birth: 1904 in Bremen, Germany

   Date of Immigration: 1921

  Name of Father:  Samuel Rubenstein

   Name of Mother: Sophia Gettleson

   Date of Burial: 01/20/1969

   Medical Information: Carcinoma - Breast