There has been published a website

by Rosie Avigel Feldman about Litin, Ukraine.

With her permission, her excerpted mail dated April 26, 2002 is posted

and her page is hereby linked.

The Pervin Tree


By Rose Feldman

April 26, 2002

Copyright©2002, Rose Avigael Feldman


A Beautiful Addition to the Litin Shtetle Page


I have received permission from the Museum in Hechal Shlomo in Jerusalem, to post a digital copy of a "Mizrach" papercut  from 1858 from Litin for a succah on the website.


I have used it for the background for the main page and there is a link "Mizrah" Papercut for a Succah - Litin, Ukaraine - 1858 to the page where you can see the papercut and the explanation of its components


I find this a very exiting addition, because so little of Jewish craft works have survived.


I hope you enjoy as much as I do.