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"A Pervin Family from Berdichev, Russia came to Pittsburgh in 1891"


Hi! My name is Deb Scheimer and I'm doing some family tree research and

stumbled across your website while I was looking for Pervin family members.

So I was wondering, could we be related?

The relationship would be as follows:

My husband, Al Scheimer's parents were Beatrice (Skippy) Jacobson and Milton

(Buz) Scheimer.

Skippy's parents were Libby Pervin and Henry Jacobson.

Libby's parents were Zev (Wolf, William) Pervin and Clara Hoffman who came to

Pittsburgh, PA (where we now are) from Berdichev, Russia (near Kiev in the

Ukraine) around 1891 (we think).

Libby's other siblings were: Eva Pervin Menzer, Rose Pervin Klinkenstein, Sam

Pervin, Sarah Pervin Barclay, Jenny Pervin Lighter, and Abraham Pervin.

Sam Pervin had no children, and we know who Abraham Pervin's children and

grandchildren are, and none of them have your name or are from Toronto.

What we DON'T know is who Zev's siblings and parents were, and whether they

came over from the old country. Is it possible that we're related in this way?

I would so very much appreciate your responding to this email, whether or not

we're related. It would just be great to know. My numbers are below.

I look forward to hearing from you,

Deb Scheimer