By Vladimir Bokun., 

Executive Director,

"FAMILY TREE BELARUS", in Minsk, Belarus

 August 17, 2001

Surname PERWAK is Belorussian and Ukrainian surname. More Ukrainian than Belorussian. I can translate it like first-born or first-rate.

 It is not widespread surname. I found only one person with such surname in telephone directory of Minsk (Minsk is capital of our Republic with population more than 1,5 millions people).  

I had a talk with woman who lives in this flat. She said, that her grandfather came in Minsk from Ukraine after WW2. They have relatives in Pinsk (small city on the south of Belarus). I didn't find place with name LITIIU in Belarus. But I found small city called LITIN in Ukraine, near Vinnitca. It is situated far from Minsk.